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Jill and Jon Pullout

The #1 Killer of Teens are Teen Drivers!

JourneySafe is an outreach program established by Dr. David & Donna Sabet, parents of Jill Sabet. Jill and her boyfriend, Jonathan Schulte (photo) were two remarkable teens who lost their lives May 26, 2005 in a senseless single vehicle automobile crash. They were passengers in a friend’s overcrowded car on the way to their junior prom. It was no freak accident and no drugs or alcohol were involved: just an instant of distraction in which the young driver looked away from the road searching for a pack of gum, then panicked and lost control of the car.

After Jill’s tragic death, the Sabet’s recognized the major contribution that distraction causes in the deaths of over 6,000 teens annually. They created the JourneySafe program, an educational outreach of the “Gillian Sabet Memorial Foundation” that utilizes the “Remember the 5 Tips” to survive. The primary goal of the JourneySafe program is to educate teens and parents about the unique risks faced by young drivers and their passengers. Using the story of Jill and Jonathan and focusing on the teens that are killed each year in similar automobile crashes, JourneySafe promotes and teaches a “positive peer pressure — friends protecting friends” concept that teens can use as a tool to protect themselves and each other on and off the road.

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