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Never Leave Children Unattended in a Car

Not Even For A Minute 2

Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Sonoma Counties have awareness campaigns against child neglect with the consequences of leaving children unattended in vehicles during hot summer months. One of the projects is “Not Even for A Minute” Campaign which highlights health risks and criminal consequences.  Another project is the “Kids in Hot Cars”  The CMA has developed a Public Service Announcement on this subject and is offering it to the counties.

Los Angeles County Medical Alliance member Marilyn Gunnell became aware of a project developed by the state of New Jersey. She brought the project to two organizations of which she is a member: her Rotary Club, and the Los Angeles County Medical Alliance.

This program is designed to enable you, your local organizations, such as ours, to launch your own campaign. Check out our site and see how easy it is for you to bring this to your community and get out the information of which people need to be made aware.

Remember that this project is designed so you can carry it out in your community! Let us know how we can help. Click on the webpages to learn about the tools we have created for you to use.

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