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Who's Who - Alliance Leaders:

Mrs. Frank Coulter -Auxiliary President 1932-33
Marilyn Warrens - Auxiliary President 1978-79
Alliance History
Submitted by Carla Andrews
Roaring 20's

The ’20sThe Women’s Auxiliary to the California Medical Association (WACMA) was formed on May 8, 1929 at Coronado with 48 charter members ” Don’t listen to her… she’s some sort of suffragette”

  • First president was Jean (Mrs. Henry S.) Rogers of Sonoma Co.
  • Focused on medical education
  • Membership grew to 472

30's Radio

The ’30s – 20 Counties; 3,000 Membership (1939)
“We even love the grouchy old fellows who do not approve of us.”

  • First constitution adopted (1931)
  • Focus on medical education/legislation
  • First Courier printed (1934)
  • President invited to address CMA House of Delegates

40's Life

The ’40s – Membership passed 3,000
“No longer would physicians’ wives be pictured as carefree glamour girls.”

  • 9 councilor districts formed
  • Medical Benevolence began
  • First Fall Conference (1946)
  • California became the largest auxiliary in the nation (1948)
  • Los Angeles became the nation’s largest county auxiliary (1947)
  • The president’s pin was designed

50's Poodle

The ’50s – Membership passed 6,000
“Modern woman must adjust to change.”

  • Focus on nurse recruitment, blood banks, legislation
  • First newsletter to counties (1954)
  • GEMS and AMA-ERF began

60's Charlie

The ’60s – Membership passed 7,200
“If we communicate our aims, our programs,and our accomplishments, the auxiliary will stand the test of time.”

  • Focus on problems of aging, international health, health careers
  • First orientation for county/district presidents (1962)
  • Joined CAL-PAC (1966)
  • President and President-Elect invited to attend CMA Council
  • Committee chairs invited to sit on corresponding CMA committees

The 70's

The ’70s – 50th Anniversary Celebrated (1979)
“Commitment Renewed– Potential Unlimited.”

  • Received official charter from CMA (1970) and one full-time staff person
  • Focus on stroke rehabilitation (Project Re-Enter), learning disabilities (Project Learn), & medical malpractice
  • First Legislation Day (1972)
  • First AMA-A Leadership Confluence (1975)
  • Name changed to California Medical Association Auxiliary (1976)
  • CMERF began (1977)
  • Physicians’ crisis hot-line

The 80's

The ’80s – President invited to sit at CMA Council table (1980)
“Our road to the future begins with the steps we take today”.
Focused on communications, community service, health projects: Vial of Life,Child Passenger Car Seats, anti-smoking, youth suicide prevention, organ donors, Radio health Line, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, teen pregnancy prevention, AIDS, and Adopt-A-Home.

  • Doctors’ Day celebrated
  • Published California Collection Cookbook (1982)
  • First Auxillian of the Year award (1986)
  • Community Health Foundation (CHF) received 501(c)(3) status (1987)
  • First Speak-Up (1989)
  • First joint CMA/CMA-A Legislative Leadership Conference (1989)
  • CMA voted increased financial and administrative support for CMAA

The 90's

The ’90s – Name changed to California Medical Association Alliance (1993)
“Service is our purpose- Service is our goal- Service is our destiny.”

  • Focus on adolescent health, anti-violence, legislation
  • Adopted 5-year goals
  • First independent Annual Session (1990)
  • Hansen Award instituted "Roadshow" took CMAA programs to the counties
  • Alliance became incorporated, attained 501(c)(6) status, became affiliated with the CMA, and gained financial independence (1996)


The ‘00s – A new millennium; ‘CMAA Friends of Medicine’ membership category
“Together we can make a difference.”

  • CMAA office moved to Sacramento from San Francisco (2001)
  • County presidents/representatives became voting members of the Alliance Board (2003)
  • First “E-news” sent to members via email (2005)
  • First Dedicated County Member Award (Spring 2006)
  • CMAAF celebrated 20 years of service (2009)
  • Focus on Physicians-in-Training
  • 2009-11 Strategic Plan Implemented